This was a week full of Mondays. What I thought was going to be good a good week ended up being a week filled with unmotivated days and lots of unaccomplished tasks. That is why I am here, on Sunday, writing a blog about a Monday.


Thank goodness last week was more successful compared to this week. I managed to get a ton of reading done. To be specific, I finished two books. If you remember from my last Monday post: Hey, it’s Monday. I went into detail about the book I was reading at the time: Stephanie Meyer’s The Host. I thought The Host, overall, was great. From the very beginning I had a hard time putting the book down. Once I got to the end I was a little bit unsure. I knew they were going to save Melanie, but I was a little disappointed when the humans decided to keep Wanda around. It just shows how selfish humanity is I guess! She wanted to be shipped off to a new planet and they just kept her around in a place where she would be forced into hiding for basically the rest of her life! I just think it’s pretty funny. They ending does give me hope though. On a planet still crawling with parasitic aliens, the humans are staying hopefully and pushing on.

Originally, I was supposed to read  The Diviners by Libba Bray. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work out the way I hoped, I had an issue with getting my hands on a copy. Instead I picked up a book by one of my favorite Young Adult Authors! After The Host I read Glass, by Ellen Hopkins. In high school I read Crank, Burned, and a few of her other novels. I found out that Glass was the sequel to Crank so I was pretty excited to pick it up. I think I finished it in less than two days. It was an awesome short read, I love how dark and raw and just how real Ellen Hopkins’ writing is. She’s not afraid to get into the ugly details and she portrays troubled teens in a very real light. This book in particular disappointed me a lot!! It wasn’t how it was written, it was the choices that were made. I had some very high hopes for the protagonist, Kristina. She just gave me let down after let down. I was not too impressed!! Anyways, from my research, I discovered that there is a third book to this story: Fallout. I might consider picking it up later on in the semester!



4 thoughts on ““Monday”

  1. Monday’s can definitely be the worst. We all have weeks that we get more done than others and we all have weeks where we definitely cannot get motivated or there is just so much going on that it is hard to get everything done!


  2. I have been feeling like I have been having a lot of Monday’s as well! I always have to relate it back to things that I could have done better in the week rather than dwelling on all the bad things that I did. I tend to not vary my work amounts and that can get frustrating! In all, I am glad you found books to read for this week and I hope next week works out a little bit better for you!

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