A Roommates Perspective

For this weeks Week in Review blog post I wanted to stick with last weeks theme of diversity and take an approach to my reading from a different perspective. Instead of pulling a book from my own reading list that I thought I would enjoy, I decided to pull a book that one of my roommates was fond of when she was a teenager. My roommate, Emily, is my best friend. We get along so well and we have gotten through some pretty trying situations together. Many would say we are alike in nearly every way, but something we do differ on is our choice in reading material. This is where the diversity comes in. Books that Emily picks up, I usually wouldn’t consider touching. The same goes for her with the things that I read. When Emily was in high school, her favorite young adult fiction book was part of the Cirque Du Freak collection: The Vampire’s Assistant. Now, anybody that knows me knows I’m not too fond of these young adult vampire fiction pieces. I think they usually come out pretty cheesy, but I went out on a limb and I read Emily’s favorite.


The Vampire’s Assistant was honestly a very easy read and it was nice not to feel bombarded with literature this week especially since mid-term is so close. Darren Shan, spared no detail when it came to bones breaking in necks and the description of the freak show. I actually grew quite fond of all the little freaks and the different roles they played. Although, a man with two stomachs is kind of hard for me to wrap my mind or my gut around. I just had a hard time falling in love with the story all together. I mean, this teenage boy chooses to leave his family and his friends behind to spend eternity with this bitter old vampire. He doesn’t agree with half the things he is being forced to do and he has no choice but to stay. It almost reminds me of human trafficking, or when the circus would take children back in the day and use them for labor. I don’t know if that’s extreme or not!

I think this was a nice little break from my usual dig through a pile of books names and see what I’m feeling for that week. And I didn’t hate the book, it’s just not something I would pick up myself! Thanks, Emily, for the contribution to my week!


Diverse Reading

This week we were asked what diverse reading means to us. This type of question confused me at first because diversity can be taken quite a few ways when it comes to reading of any kind. The articles that we were assigned to read this week helped narrow it down a bit, but I’m going to tell you what diverse reading is to me.

When I think of diversity in reading I think about what the readers are reading, not what the reader looks like or where they come from. I see a reader picking up many different books, of different genres with different genres and appreciating all of them for what they have to bring to the table. I think of a diverse reader as a reader with an open mind and a passion for reading. I like to consider myself a diverse reader because I like to keep that open mind when I go into a new book and I really like to keep my options open.

But like I said above, when I think of diversity in reading I think about what the readers are reading, not what the reader looks like or where they come from. This applies to many things in itself too. There are books written about diversity and issues with diversity and there are authors out there who dedicate themselves to the topic of diversity. Take Toni Morrison for example.

In the end, isn’t all free reading diverse? As humans, we are all naturally different and our choices will be different. Some may be picky and other may be more open. As long as we are out there reading and taking advantage of the literature around us, I don’t see the issue.

Another Week Gone By

So I decided, that since I spend a good portion of these “Hey, Monday” blogs stressing out about how I never get them posted on a Monday, I am going to change my mentality about them. Instead of looking at them as a “Monday” blog, I am going to look at them as weekly blogs. Forgetting all the stresses that tag along with Monday’s and focusing my energy on sharing my week with you guys.

Anyways, as many of you may be aware, Midterm break is coming up. Most may see this as an opportunity to relax and spend some time at home, I see it as a time where I get bombarded with work and I struggle to keep my head on straight. I mean, the aftermath is nice, I love going home and spending time with my family. But right now, I’m spending way too much money on coffee and I’ll probably go blind from how much time I spend switching between books and computers. With that being said, when I combined everything with this class and everything from all my other classes, I didn’t get as much reading done this week. The reading that I did complete though, was absolutely wonderful, if you’re asking my opinion!


I started reading Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” I checked in. I really took my time with this novel and I enjoyed it immensely. Not only was it a lovely, whimsical tale about a daughter trying to figure out the mystery of and carry out her fathers legacy but it was beautifully written and the imagery was outstanding on top of that. Reading this took me back into the wonders of worlds such as Narnia and Terabithia. Worlds that left the imagination running and your inner child gleefully running around in joy. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, I know there is a movie coming out soon. But if you want my say, the read is worth it and DEFINITELY, if you do read it, read it before you go see the movie.

A few days ago when I was scrolling through my comments for this blog, my professor kindly informed me that there is a graphic novel tied to this book. I instantly got online and searched for it. I wanted to see if the things I imagined in my mind while reading this book were accurately represented. Since then, I have spend much time looking through the pages and examining the artwork. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you would know that I have grown quite fond of graphic novels and this is no exception. I have found so many new and wonderful things through this course and I hope it continues.

Opening Doors With Literature

This week we were assigned to read chapters 3 and 4 of Penny Kittle’s “Book Love”. I am absolutely falling in love with this book. Her ideas are so open and demonstrate how people, students in particular, should be going about reading. Reading, and loving what you read are so important because not only does it enrich you but it opens you up to a whole new world of your choosing.

So, first things first, before we get into my favorite chapter so far (chapter 4), I want to talk about chapter 3. Chapter 3 in “Book Love” is completely dedicated to pace and having respect for the different readers around the world. In a classroom environment, it’s important to remember that no two students are the same. They all learn differently, they all speak differently, and they all read a different paces. Pace, when it comes to reading can mean a few different things. Pace can represent the reading level of your student, like how fast are reading. Pace can also mean letting your students take the wheel when it comes to their readings. Letting them choose what they want to read and letting them take that reading at their own pace, according to Kittle will make for more accomplished young readers and I agree with this. I hate being rushed with readings, especially readings I don’t like. On the other hand, if I enjoy what I am reading and I have freedom with that reading, I am more likely to get it done sooner. That’s something that I like with this class, we have the opportunity to chose what we want to read and we have goals for those readings, but everything is basically at our own pace. I love it and I feel like I get a lot done.

Okay, so let me start this paragraph off by saying I loved chapter 4 and I was really hoping this book would have a chapter like this. So chapter 4 is all about how reading opens doors. As I have discussed in a few of my previous blog posts I am a very open reader. I like to keep my options open and I like to keep an open mind when I pick up a new book. I am a firm believer in the phrase “Don’t knock it ’till you try it”! With this being said, I think it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to reading new genres. I think students should be encouraged to read new genres and maybe push their comfort zone a little bit. A student who loves sappy romance novels may fall in love with something more gothic. Or a student who loves graphic novels may become fond of a longer novel with no pictures what so ever! Reading opens the doors to so many different worlds and I think you should be willing to try out new worlds every now and then. Never be afraid of adventure!

Hey, Monday! On a Monday!

Today is a day worthy of rejoice! I actually managed to complete my Monday blog on a Monday! Not Wednesday, not Saturday, but Monday! Anyways, this last week was just full of chaos and book after book. Some I struggled with and others came out on top!

I started the week off with the mentality that I wanted to read something different. After I finished off Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I took a bit of a different approach in choosing my first book. Since we did all the work with banned books I thought it would be interesting to pick a book off of that list that’s kind of different from what I have read so far.

I decided to dig into Stephen King’s Carrie. I’ve seen the movie but I had never picked up the book before. I’ve always had issues with reading Stephen King, I love his stories, I love the drama and I love the horror, but I am not a fan of Stephen King’s writing style. I think it’s just due to the fact that he is so descriptive in his work. He could spend forever describing a scene down to the tiniest detail and I think it really does help with developing a scene but I just have a difficult time staying involved with the reading. I found that this was happening in Carrie but I pushed myself through. I love the story of Carrie, I like to think of it as every bully’s worst nightmare. Reading about the corrupt mother combined with the high school bullies and that famous scene involving the bloody prom, I really felt for Carrie and if I had her abilities I might have reacted in the exact same way!!


When I finished off Carrie I was inspired to read another banned book that takes a different approach to handling bullies: 13 Reasons Why. For those of you who don’t know, there is a series on Netflix based off of the book 13 Reasons Why. Season two is going to be released in a few weeks and I still need to watch season one. I had a pretty good idea about the main plot but I decided I should read the book before I got into the series. Anyways, this book absolutely broke my heart. I have a tendency to really get pulled into certain stories and Hannah’s story really brought out the emotions. Reading about the things she felt and how she was dealing with these negative feelings kind of tore me apart. I had a two friends when I was in high school that were dealing with things that no body knew about, like Hannah, and it brought them to suicide as well. Listening to the tapes being broken down and all the different emotions, it just hit too close to home with me.

I think after that, I needed a break from all the high school drama and I turned to something a little bit more magical. Late in the week I started reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I’m still in the beginning chapters but so far I really like it! I look forward to being able to talk about the book and the ending next week!

Until then… Happy Monday!

BANNED books

The topic of Banned Books has always been a tricky one for me. I think it’s because I’ve always been such a free reader. I go into a new book with an open mind and I just take it all in as I go along; I don’t really think of the problematic contents as a problem, it’s just part of the story. I don’t really know if I have a comfort zone when it comes to reading. I like to venture out with the things I chose to read and I think I like reading about the controversial, the touchy subjects, and unique story lines. I think it’s part of what keeps me coming back for more or maybe you could just say it’s my inner demons poking out!

I grew up reading things like Harry Potter, I fell in love with the whimiscal stories and the magic behind it all. I loved the hints of darkness and I loved all of the unique character stories. I had no idea Harry Potter was a part of the Banned Books list until I was almost done with the series. At the time, this was confusing to me. I was so in love with the series that I didn’t understand how it could be so frowned upon. I now understand that because of my beliefs, I never saw the content as anything bad. Those with beliefs the oppose mine see otherwise.

As a future teacher, I believe it’s important for me to get past this idea of free reading and really start to consider the content of certain pieces because not all of it will be appropriate for the classroom. I think it’s important to get a read on your students first, if you understand them then you might get a better idea about the things they would like to read. I’m not saying all controversial material should be cut out. Students should be learning about certain things, history for example, from an honest approach. The world isn’t sugar coated, I’m just saying we wont be breaking open Fifty Shades of Grey in the classroom as a romance. Novels like Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, and Beloved could play a valuable role in the classroom. Novels such as these share such a raw honesty, have an interesting story line, and helped shape literature as we know it today.

A Wonderful Week in Review

Something that helps me get through the week is the amount of free reading I’m allowed to do for this class. I love it because I get to read the young adult literature that I actually want to read and at my own pace too. This last week I got a lot of work done, and by that, I mean I finished three new books. It’s not necessarily work to me, but to others, my boyfriend for example, the process seems awful.

Last week, I finished up The Graveyard Book; I enjoyed it so much I thought I should pick up another graphic novel that may be a little bit more familiar to people: Coraline. As some of you may know, Tim Burton brought the worlds of Coraline to life in one of his amazing stop motion pictures. I just thought the movie existed, I had no idea there was a graphic novel in the mix as well. For those of you who have seen the movie, you know the tale and you know the imagery to be disturbing. If not, think of a scary spider lady with buttons for eyes. Reading this graphic novel was so much fun, especially since I am such a big Tim Burton fan and now a big Neil Gaiman fan. I enjoyed following this story that I was already so familiar with from a totally new perspective.

The Second book I completed this week took me a bit of time, but it was so worth it! In my British Literature class we had to read sections from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I had to sit and think for a while about whether or not this would be considered young adult literature. In class we discussed this as being children’s literature but that children’s literature back in the day was more mature and the stories being told didn’t really seem like they were meant for children due to their dark nature. With this being said, I went with my own judgment. I would be more likely to read Lewis Carroll as a teen. Reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was absolutely amazing. The dark nature lurking between the lines kept me coming back for more because this absolutely was not the Disney-washed tale I grew up with as a child. I got to see all the stories that aren’t typically included in the movies such as the one with the two woman and the pig for a baby. I also got to see hints of drug use and adventure that aren’t associated with children’s novels. Overall, I loved it!

The last book completed this week was Long Way Down. I discussed this book a bit in a previous blog post and I want to wait until my next book club blog to really get into the outcome of  this book! I can say though, I was not disappointed!