YA Literature: This is Just the Beginning.

I don’t know if I would ever claim to be an expert in anything, but if there is one thing I know I have done my fair share of, it’s reading. I have read fiction and non fiction. I have read many classics, adult, romance, young adult, and even a good amount of children’s books. One genre that has always seemed to stick with me, and I think it’s like this for many readers, is young adult literature. Specifically, fictional young adult literature. For some reason, especially when I was in high school, I absolutely adored young adult literature. Honestly, I think it’s because of how easy it is to relate to the junk. Not the magic and falling in love with weird creatures part (Although there is question to what kind of monsters I liked in high school…), but the teen angst and the growth that happened throughout the novels. You got to see these young characters develop into something bigger and it was easy to relate to because you were developing as well.

This weeks readings were very helpful for where we are at in the semester. Classes are just starting and many students look for some form of guidance. These articles provide that guidance in my opinion. Not only do they give you a history of young adult literature, but they also give relevance to young adult literature as well as a few lists to help guide your TBR list.

You can access this weeks assigned readings here!

Shannon Hale: The Young Adult Book Tropes That Ate The World

CNN: A Brief History of Young Adult Literature

Whitney Jones: Crash Course in YA Trends

This semester I want to take my knowledge of young adult literature and really expand it. I want to cover a good chunk of this young adult literature: fiction, non fiction, romance, paranormal, dystopian! You name it! My goal for this semester is to read at least one book from each of these categories and any other categories I may stumble upon. Part of the reason I even took this class this semester is to have fun and to get a few new and interesting books under my literary belt.


7 thoughts on “YA Literature: This is Just the Beginning.

  1. First things first…I LOVE YOUR BLOG PAGE! It is so cute and organized! Secondly, your post felt very much like i was talking to you and I feel as if I learned a lot more about you. I like how you included the links to the pieces we read for this week. I also really enjoyed the joking tone that you had at some points. Well done!


  2. Lacey,
    I could really relate to everything that you had to say on this blog. I also loved the access to new books to add to our TBR lists. Mine has been growing and growing since my Special Methods course last semester. I am never going to get to them all. I am glad to see that you are working on the readings and really comprehending them. I found this week’s readings to be very intriguing and I hope you did too.


  3. I’m no expert either! It’s kind of funny really, like you, i have done a good amount of reading, but now I am a bit unsure about how many of those books that I read were young adult literature. Most of the time i picked a book based on the cool looking cover and the brief description on the back, and just assumed it was YA because “I” was reading it, but this is not the case. After this week’s reading, I now have a better idea of what it really is!

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  4. I agree with you on experiencing several different genres. I know what types of books I like to read, but taking a look at different genres will just make me a more experienced reader. It’s always about finding the next, new thing.
    When teachers know what their students like to read it gives us some insight on their possible interest in other subject areas.

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